CU Boulder LEGO Campus Opens!

After nearly eleven months of planning, with the hard work of nine CoWLUG builders, the LEGO version of the CU Boulder campus opens Saturday, December 6th.


Anchoring the far wall of the installation is a LEGO mosaic of the flatirons by Jim West.


Hanging above some of the builders and installed before any of the buildings were put in place is Ryan Howerter’s Apollo 11 Service Module.


The display takes up nearly the entire room. This left little space for getting builds and parts in place.


As various buildings and scenes began to fill in, many of us found ourselves having to climb in to the display to get work completed. Here, Imagine Rigney prepares to fill the stands of Folsom Field with mini/micro figs.


Once filled in, the stadium field could be cleared of builders and set up for a game between the CU and CSU.


Among the selected buildings for the display are Macky Auditorium, Old Main and Hellems with the Mary Rippon outdoor theatre.


Imagine Rigney’s build of Old Main features a spiral of motorized, rotating bats to mimic the bats which have a nursery in the tower of the building.


Various campus life scenes are incorporated into the display, along with some fantastical and outrageous events.


This installation is just the beginning of what is to come for The Heritage Center at CU Boulder. In the next phase of the installation, more will be added to fill in the campus. The display will remain in place on the 3rd level of The Heritage Center for at least eighteen months.