LEGO Price Per Piece Calculator

Price Per Piece: 
Tooltip Icon The average LEGO set PPP today is about $0.11 – $0.13 USD

< $0.06 (Excellent)
$0.06-0.14 (Good)
$0.15-0.19 (Slightly High)
> 0.19 (Very High)

*According to Brick Insights

The LEGO Price Per Piece Calculator is straightforward and easy to use.

**The denomination selector does calculate the current exchange rates up to 1000 fetches. If the calculator isn’t properly showing the difference, it means the fetches are out for the month. If the fetches run out, the calculator will default back to the USD rate.

This calculator does not count into the effect of different categories of LEGO that generally has higher PPP, like Duplo. This average is based on System sets only.