CoWLUG is an open, inclusive AFOL (Adult Fan Of LEGO) Group. Participates must be 16+ to join. We do not require any member fees. If you choose to join our LUG, all you need to do is join our discord, and show up to one of our monthly meetings. We highly encourage MOC making, sharing creations, and showing your creations at shows!

Group benefits can include monthly meetings, friendly faces, set drafts, access to AFOL Days* at official LEGO Stores, LUG Bulk*, and of course encouragement to build MOCS to display for conventions and shows. 

*Some benefits require approval as a member once added to the group.


A LEGO draft set is typically a set that our group decides on. Usually based on price, parts, theme or minfigures. Each person who wants to participate buys the same set. At our LUG meeting, we’ll part out all the sets, and place them into cups with their individual parts. Then, each person gets to draw their name and pick a cup of parts they want until all cups of parts are gone. This allows someone to get a lot of parts or minfigures that they want. Participation isn’t required if you just want to come hang out at our meetings!


You only have to show up for a single CoWLUG public meeting to be an official member. There are no dues or fees to join our LEGO group.

Absolutely! Once you become a member we have a full list of active shows we plan on attending each year. You can request space and get details on how to display your work at any show you’d like. Details will be provided for each show.

Because we serve a wide area of the northern corridor of Colorado and Wyoming, we change our meeting place every month. On the northern side we will pick a place like Loveland, Colorado, on the southern side we have a meeting place in Westminster, Colorado. We try to meet somewhere between to give more members the opportunity to be able to participate in meetings. If you’re on the Denver side, feel free to look into DENLUG which serves both Denver metro, and Colorado Springs.

If you’re a local vendor, small business, community space or convention then yes please get in touch with us for your needs! Depending on the space provided depends on what we can provide.