LEGO Glossary

Common LEGO® terms you may hear in the community.

– Adult Fan of LEGO®.

AFOL appreciation day – Once a quarter LEGO® allows fans and LUG groups to arrive at a LEGO® Certified Store early to participate in an exclusive sale. You must be a certified member of a LUG group to participate.

Baseplate – The foundation of most LEGO® builds. This plate is the thinnest that LEGO® makes, and comes in sizes of 16×16, 16×32, 32×32, and 48×48 studs.

BAM – Build a minifigure. These are usually stations inside LEGO® Certified Stores that allow you to build minifigures from minifigure parts to buy.

Brick Badge – A 1×8 brick with words printed on them. Usually your name, the name of a convention or some other preference.  You can add multiple together to form a “badge” and wear it using a magnetic pin.

Bricklink – Bricklink is an online shop that sells LEGO® parts. The LEGO® Group owns it but allows individual sellers to sell pieces in a marketplace. You can think of it as the eBay of LEGO® parts. View the site here.
BURP – Big.Ugly.Rock.Piece or in LEGO® a molded rectangular rock piece, usually represented as the “middle” mountain piece, but LEGO® also makes a corner version. (see also, LURP)

Dual Molded – A process where LEGO® merges two different colors of plastic to form one piece. Usually these are applied to minifigs.
Facet Bricks or Tiles – LEGO® Corner Bricks or Tiles with a 90 degree corner angle.

Fleshies – Refers to the introduction of flesh colored tones to the LEGO® Mini figure lineup, including LEGO® heads, torsos, hands, and legs. The standard LEGO® mini-figure color is yellow.
Jumper Plate – A LEGO® plate that has a stud (or two) in the center of the plate.
Knolling – Arranging LEGO® pieces individually on a flat surface, usually by part type and color, to keep everything organized before building.
LAN – LEGO® Ambassador Network.

LEGO – The building brick of life. P.S The plural of LEGO® is LEGO®. There’s no “s”.  Ex: LEGO® Bricks, LEGO®, etc.

L-GAUGE – or LEGO® Gauge is the standard of track LEGO® uses for it’s LEGO® Trains.
LEGO Master – Someone who participated and starred in the FOX Tv show: LEGO® MASTERS.
LEGO Draft or Draft Set or Set Draft– The process of multiple people coming together to purchase a LEGO® set of the same set number, then parting it out into individual cups by part type and color. Each person is then drawn a random number, and when the number is called, they are allowed to pick the part type they want.
LUGBULK – LEGO® parts are provided by the LEGO® group for LUG members to buy at a discounted rate, usually once per year. Membership and prerequisites are required to participate.
LUG Group – LEGO® User Group.
LURP – Little.Ugly.Rock.Piece or in LEGO®, a molded rock piece that represents the “top” of a mountain piece.
Masonry Brick – 1×2 or 1×4 LEGO® bricks with a brick pattern.
MILS – Modular Integrated Landscaping System. This is a method of reinforcing LEGO® plates with bricks and building landscapes in a way that multiple base plates can fit together to form a larger whole. For more about MILS and what you can do, see here.

Minifigure – The standard LEGO® figurine that comes with many LEGO® sets.
Modular – When referencing a LEGO® build made up of modules so that it can easily be connected in some way.
Modular Building – This usually refers to the LEGO® Creator line of city buildings. LEGO® produces one modular building per year in January. It also refers to LEGO® buildings created using jumpers between floors so that each floor can be removed.

PAB – The process of picking parts to buy refers to “Pick a Brick” or “Pick and Build”, usually referencing the PAB Wall located inside LEGO® Certified Stores, or Pick and Build online through the LEGO® website. 
Part It Out – To take any LEGO® set and separate out the pieces by part type and color. Usually, to add to your inventory of LEGO. The term is also used to pick parts from your inventory or buy parts individually to make a set.
Passport – LEGO® Certified Stores gives away a free passport upon request. A small book that you can take to other LEGO® Certified Stores to get an exclusive stamp, or sticker. Much like a real passport.

Plate – Any connecting LEGO® piece that is 1/3 the height of a LEGO® brick.

SNOT Brick – Stud.Not.On.Top. Any brick with a LEGO® stud on its side instead of the top.

Stud – The little peg on top of the standard LEGO® brick or plate.
Support Brick – LEGO® parts provided by the LEGO® group for LUG members to use for group-wide collaborations. Must be an official LUG member to participate.

TFOL – Teen Fan of LEGO®

Tile – A LEGO® Plate without studs and is usually smooth.