LEGO Mosaic Building on a HUGE Scale

The upcoming Denver Comic Con is bringing members together for a massive mosaic build. Overseen by Mark and Joel, the two mosaics include a classic Superman comic book cover that in the end should be about seven feet wide and ten feet tall. It will be displayed after DCC at The Longmont Museum as part of their summer Build! exhibit, featuring LEGO creations from builders around the country.

The Longmont Museum gave CoWLUG table space and a chance to work on the mosaic during their Build! LEGO Contest event on April 28th. A special thanks goes out to those who turned out to lend a hand.

Several members including Mark, Imagine & Shawn took a break from building to volunteer as judges for the Museum’s building contest. There were many clever and funny entries, making it difficult for winners to be chosen.

Along with creative, original builds by members that will be on exhibit for the duration of Build!, the museum is offering up a limited edition of twenty-five micro Longmont Museum sets designed by Imagine. Each will be numbered and signed and will include a specially engraved tile. Time was also spent on during the mosaic building event to begin assembly of the sets to assure quality and quantity of parts – seem above completed.