Brick Slopes 2023

CoWLUG and DENLUG joined forces and met for a fantastic year at BrickSlopes in Utah!

We had several award winners from both groups, but COWLUG members also won a couple of awards!

Matt brought his Clone Wars hangar and Hogwarts station to the show.

Donnie brought his planet base, Bob’s Burgers, Star Wars hangar, and Ricky and Morty’s House.

Jim went all out with the latest version of his LEGO amusement park. The largest and best version we’ve seen! Congrats to Jim for winning an Honor Award at the show!

Nikki brought her wonderful speakeasy and dice tower to the show!

Mike won “Best Train” for his train! Congrats!

Larry brought his Brick World Chicago Winner: The Xmen comic cover, D&D dice tower, and D&D ship.

Finally, Bailey brought his incredible Panda Tea House MOC and a slew of other gems!

We had an incredible time at this year’s Brick Slopes. The public days had record numbers, with 14,000+ over the weekend!

Our next stop is the Colorado Festival of Horror and Rails in the Rockies! We hope to see you there!