NoCo Mini-Maker Faire 2015

About 10 builders made the trek up to Loveland for the NoCo Mini Maker Faire over the October 10th and 11th weekend. The display was filled with a large variety of builds. Being a Mini Maker Faire, creativity and making things was full on with the builds not only from CoWLUG but the rest of the event. It was a fun event for the builders as well. 

Lester brought some of his finds, a 2001 remote control Bionicle called Manas.  

Jeff made his I-Rex from Bionicle parts and did a pretty nice job too.

Lester’s steam punk AT-AT is always a crowd pleaser.

Chris bringing some Star Wars fun to the build with a base of operations.

Bionicles and Bionicles. Each creation have an individual look for their characters.

Eric’s buildings. Each building is getting better and the details are fun to look at while trying to figure out the technique used.

Joe and Doug’s fantasy area. They finish building it as the days go on. Need some lanscaping ideas, look closely.

Donnie has a few things going on. First on the left is an X-Men -vs- Sentinels battle, then a Star Wars Imperial Hanger. Off to the right, the Joker -vs- Batman scene.

Oh look, Jim’s amusement park operated by pushbuttons. The train has camera on it that gives a view of riding the rails around the park.

Ryan has a collected the various colors of LEGO parts used over the years. It’s neat to see them all together in one place.

A cool battle scene, the landscaping and scenery are quite impressive and should be looked at to see what can be done.

Thanks to Doug for organizing the display. Photos courtesy of Eric Neuman and Doug Cloud. Thanks guys.