Denver Comic Con 2016

The 2016 Denver Comic Con was a unique experiance. We were not on the main convention floor this year, but in the lobby of the BellCo Theater downstairs. There were carpeted floors, and a reduced area for our display which made for some challenges. All the builders helped and we made it work.

We chose the theme: “Televison and Movie Backlot.” The builders created scenes of tv and movies being filmed at CoWLUG’s backlot. We had 2001, Die Hard 2, Scooby-Doo, James Bond, and multiple Star Wars set pieces being filmed. There had to be a film crew, director, and any crew or extras associated with filming, the results were better than expected with some clever scenes.

The 2001 Hal Core scene.

Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! A critical scene being filmed from The LEGO Movie.SAM_1411

The film crew getting a Star Destroyer painted and ready for it’s scenes.SAM_1414

The Han Solo getting frozen in carbonite scene from “The Empire Strikes Back”. SAM_1419

Hard work being done getting a Scooby-Doo episode filmed. SAM_1433

James Bond getting feed to sea creatures, takes a large crew to pull off. SAM_1436

It was a fun and different display. Thanks to all the builders who made it happen.

Art Rodgers, Christopher Briggs, Cy Foppe, Dan Wray, Darin Rose, Derek Medina, Donnie Greenfield, Eric von Kugelgen, Jason Gearheart, Jason Gonzales, Jeff Olson, Jeremy McCreary, Jim Miller, Kathy Nicolai, Ken Klock, Marcia Wasden, Mark Mancuso, Matthew Ramsey, Mike Miller, Steven Lopez, Tod Nordyke, Todd & Cynde, Abby Davis. If anyone was missed let me know.

Special thanks to Ian Davis for organizing.